Gatsby blog in a Monorepo, created from scratch, with some requirements

I am trying to create a Gatsby blog as a part of Monorepo, with /data and /dist (output-dir) directories sticking out, instead of being inside the Gatsby repo.

I also created this from scratch, partly by following https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/build-a-developer-blog-from-scratch-with-gatsby-and-mdx/

Pug with Markdown is Magic, yet underrated

What is Pug?

Pug is a high-performance template engine heavily influenced by Haml and implemented with JavaScript for Node.js and browsers.

Pug uses whitespace syntax, and is Tab / Space -sensitive, just like Markdown and Python

Pug is mainly a template engine for Node.js, and cannot be installed for Webpack via NPM/Yarn, however there is https://github.com/pugjs/pug#browser-support but it is a very large file. However, I created HyperPug a while ago, and it is relatively small.

Monorepo with three subrepos for web apps

I wonder how you usually set frontend repo and web server repo? Separate repo? Single repo with web server as parent?

However, as I have found Lerna and Rest.ts / RESTyped, I have starting to adapt one monorepo with three subrepos structure…