A guide to using TypeScript in Vue, with maximal VSCode IntelliSense

As a lover of TypeScript InteliSense and Vue, I have always tried to use TypeScript in Vue, but Vetur isn't as smart as it should…

So, I have found some fixes --

Pug with Markdown is Magic, yet underrated

What is Pug?

Pug is a high-performance template engine heavily influenced by Haml and implemented with JavaScript for Node.js and browsers.

Pug uses whitespace syntax, and is Tab / Space -sensitive, just like Markdown and Python

Pug is mainly a template engine for Node.js, and cannot be installed for Webpack via NPM/Yarn, however there is https://github.com/pugjs/pug#browser-support but it is a very large file. However, I created HyperPug a while ago, and it is relatively small.

Cordova, TypeScript, Vue and using features beyond WebView

An easy way to set a layout for mobile apps, easier than Flutter, React Native or NativeScript, for instance, is to use Apache Cordova or PhoneGap. This is probably due to CSS/SCSS/HTML (rather than partial CSS support in NativeScript).

Why Vue? Because Vue's Vuetify's Material design looks just like Android! While being easier to set the layout than NativeScript Vue.

An example app I have used all the above-mentioned in the header is