A guide to using TypeScript in Vue, with maximal VSCode IntelliSense

As a lover of TypeScript InteliSense and Vue, I have always tried to use TypeScript in Vue, but Vetur isn't as smart as it should…

So, I have found some fixes --

Share your .eslintrc, auto-fix on save, and related config files

Do you know that Visual Studio Code itself can auto-fix your code on save, to be compatible with linting rules.

Currently, I auto-fixes TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue, Markdown files.

For TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue; I simply use ESLint (there is TSLint, but it is becoming deprecated). VSCode ESLint might also be required

For Markdown, it is a little different. I use VSCode MarkdownLint to auto-fix on save.

Git workflow in VS Code

I am talking about git branch and git worktree add; and also, git merge on GitHub website.