Building JavaScript assets offline, before deploying to the web server

I have always wondered why I have to run yarn build scripts online on Heroku / Netlify /; which takes time, does not guarantee to succeed and HTML / JavaScript / CSS are cross platform anyway.

Don't forget Google Webmaster

Don't forget to google for "Google Webmaster", when you want to register your new domain name, otherwise ot will less likely to appear in Google! (It does appear, but takes months).

Also, Google might help educate you about SEO.

macOS clean install and installing necessary dev applications

Reformatting macOS is quite easy, but let's see what I do next, for my

  • Office work
  • Dev hobby
  • Language learning (Japanese, Chinese)

Nuxt magic with asyncData, and planning

Nuxt.js is a framework for making JavaScript apps a more static site, that is, pushing more to Server-Side Rendering, making it easier to web crawlers.

However, when it is made more static, reactivity is sacrificed.

Git fork and NPM install git-URL in your own version

Sometimes, you want to in stall an NPM package, but it isn't complete enough, or there isn't a TypeScript definition. You can extend it, by git fork -- and then npm install <URL>.git. -- You might need to edit git fork in your own computer first, though.